Winding Resistance Meter
Winding Resistance Meter 100 A, 2 or 3 Channels 19” Rack-mount casing

Suitable for Large to very Large Transformers, Generators, GT’s & ICT's 2 or 3 measuring channels. Fastest discharge unit on the market. 3 temperature channels. Heavy duty protection circuitry. Demagnetization circuit. Internal » Heat Run Test» software available.USB Interfaces. Color Touch Screen. Rack Mounted 100 A/50 V unit

Winding Resistance Meter 15A

" High accuracy measurement of very low resistance of any inductive loads with the fastest discharge unit on the market and most advanced demagnetizing circuit, comes with its own rugged waterproof field case. Battery Operated. Results are reported on the easy-to- read color LCD display and can be stored on USB or printed. Heat Run Test functionality can be added”.

Winding Resistance Meter 50 A, 2 or 3 Channels

2 or 3 measuring channels. Heavy duty protection circuitry. Fastest Discharge Unit on Market. 3 Temperature channels. Built in panel printer. Demagnetisation circuit. Internal «Heat run test» software available. USB interfaces. Color touch screen. Extremely rugged.