Micro Ohm Meter

Micro Ohm Meter 10 A

The Raytech Digital Micro ohm meter, Micro Junior 2, was designed for high degree of accuracy for the measurement of very low resistance. It is battery opperated with a lithium-ion battery that allows to do over 2000 test measurements with 10 A output without recharging. The Micro Junior 2 is one of the most lightweight systems available that comes complete with its own rugged waterproof fieldcase.

Micro Junior 2
Power Lithium-Ion battery 16.4 V / 6 Ah
Weight 5.9kg (13 lbs.)
Operating Range -10°C to 60°C
Current Range 1mA...10 A DC
Resolution 5 Digits or 0.01 µΩ
Accuracy ± 0.1% Rdg
Resistance Range 0.00 µΩ to 400 kΩ