Insulation Test Tan Delta

Insulation Test Tan Delta (ITTD)

The InsulationTest Tan Delta (ITTD) machine was especially developed to cover the tests according to DIN/IEC 60093_1993 and ASTM D150-98 standards. At these tests the loss factor Tan Delta and the Capacitance are measured under controlled conditions.


The included software controls the machine, the operator is able to set all major data like pressure on probe and temperature between the electrodes very easily. The induction heating drastically shortens the heating times ant the new pneumatic concept is able to regulate the pressure on the probe very accurate.


The measured values includes

  • Tan Delta & Capacitance
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Power Factor
  • Many more are saved and recorded by the software and can be displayed after the test in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Insulation Test Tan Delta (ITTD)