Filters & Capacitors
LC Filters

For filtering the PD-noise of test transformers

Design for customer’s request

Range:  Upto1000 kV & 150 A

-50 dB attenuation

PD Free Coupling Capacitors

High-quality, Compact PD-free coupling capacitors

For High voltage network, PD measurement, Voltage divider

Range: 10 kV-1500 kV

Capacitance: 100 pF–100nF

Low self-inductance

Power Capacitors│Capacitor Banks│Harmonics Filters

MV and HV Capacitor Banks, Surge Capacitors, Power Capacitors etc.

Range: 6 kV-36 kV

Reactive Power: 25 kvar–3 mvar

Standard Capacitor

SF6 insulated standard capacitors with Low Tangent Delta

For Capacitance & tan δ measurement

Range: 10 kV - 200 kV

Capacitance: 100 pF

Tan δ < 1X10-5